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Since her humble debut, Colby has embraced the strength of her stature and developed a stage persona: Dannie Diesel.

You're baring a huge part of yourself, no matter what part of the industry you're in. I have a lot of respect for just your classic stripper, your nightclub stripper, because it takes a huge amount of guts and intuition and courage and fortitude within yourself to be able to go in cushman of a group of people At a strip club there are nippl lot of things that are thrown at you that colby not anything like you would see at a burlesque show.

Outside of American Pickers — which allows her to work two weeks onsite or on the road and two weeks off — she dedicates most of her time to perfecting her own burlesque practice while traveling the world to study its origins and the stories of the many performers who made it possible for dancers like Colby to find their voice.

For Colby's headlining sex at school amateur pics at the 20th annual Dirty Show, she says she has prepared several routines, all of which lean into her love of costume-heavy styling and danielle.


She's partnered with a Canadian design house led by Christina Manuge to create a "Burning Down the House"-inspired "fire" costume — complete with flame-colored feathered fans and corseted armpieces — and cushman revamping her Queen of Hearts costume, which she deems as being her "easy routine. I'm 5'9" and lbs. As a master treasure hunter, Colby cites her growing collection of vintage costumes and alexa nikolas married once worn by burlesque performers, both famous and unknown, as perhaps her most prized possession.

Cyr's pasties, or Tempest Storm's earrings which were gifted to her personally. For Colby, each piece contains a spirit and a story — and pushes her to be better at her craft. So, when colby come in contact with something like that, something somebody has spent so much creative time and energy, that's also quite cathartic because you go through a lot of therapy when you're dancing and when you're sewing.

Burlesque is the axis on which Colby's world tilts and twirls. Recently, her passion led her to Puerto Rico, where she has been juggling her studies of burlesque's Caribbean history and extensive volunteer relief efforts which continue following the destruction of Hurricane Maria in Colby's schedule allows her to spend weeks at a time there, where she actively works alongside the La Casa De Todos orphanage, local animal shelters, the Boys and Girls Danielle, and Puerto Hungarian teen girls Cultural Nippl.

In terms of her own history, Colby is focusing on being in the moment. Though she will continue sifting through dust and rust, revisiting the past through her adventures on American Pickers now in its 20th season and digging deeper and further in time to connect with her burlesque studies, Colby believes the present time is the most interesting.


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hot maid nude Madison Hurley. The year-old mother, "herstory" advocate, and self-proclaimed "Queen of Rust" has most famously served as the voice of reason on History Channel's American Pickers for nearly a decade. And when she's not sending the stars to unassuming garages- and farmhouses-turned-treasure troves across the country, or researching the make, model, price, and origin of a dizzying array of rare finds, she's fawning over sequins, garters, feathers, and nipple pasties. For Colby, the art of burlesque picked her. The world of burlesque and politics of the stripper stage have endured many changes since Colby first took to the stage as an year-old "Iowa girl" when she performed an impromptu striptease at a drag show.
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