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Holy moly! Is this real? That's an unfathomably large amount of kirsten dunst nude gallery being displaced in a matter of seconds. My St Helens is a volcano in Washington state. It had a massive eruption in The landslide you see in the gif was triggered by an earthquake right before the volcano erupted. As evident further down in the eruption these videos are fake. They were stitched form a gif of pictures taken that day and smoothly animated to a video.

That's why they were looking fake. Do people really not know about this? I guess here in Washington state we learn about this in elementary school, it's just common knowledge to us. Another fun "natural" disaster from Washington state to google: Galloping Girdy aka the tacoma Narrows Bridge colapse. I used to live in gig harbor, which is the other side helens the Tacoma narrows bridge. In the mornings when there was heavy fog I felt like I was driving on a bridge in the clouds. Jesus man, a whole mountain face decides to pack its bags and then the over half just explodes, that is pretty surreal, you don't expect shit like that happens but damn earth is a dangerous place.

And Mt.

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Helens is a just emo gangbang tiny firecracker compared to when the Yellowstone volcano goes off again. Don't forget the Yellowstone caldera will wipe out the whole state when it blows. No telling when it will erupt, its like waiting for a I know, imagine when it happens, it would cover a large portion of U. A in ash, and that isn't even the worst part.

The ash would possibly cover most of the earth's eruption and creating a kind of mini ice age. To give perspective, here's some photos taken by a couple on the gif of Mt. Adams as St. Helens explodes. I studied photos of this landslide and determined the extra square mileage of this event. It was a lot. Look at the plumes of dust flying off, and pay special attention to the one in the center that looks to be ejecting rocks.

It is a still image that is simply being enlarged, and is not actual ejection. For further proof, the lighting of these dust clouds are helens as shit. I was nine months old when it erupted. My dad was giving me a bottle when the couch jumped and the windows rattled. We were sixty miles away. My uncle has fairly close up pictures from a small Cessnaesque plane of it either just a little after or during the explosion. That shit is scary.

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Here's hoping that the super caldera in Yellowstone never decides to blow its lid. South puget sound in Western Washington State will be completely destroyed by a lahar if Mt Rainer erupts. Scary shit. Anyone who has seen the destruction from the immediate snow melt from the lahar gif was funneled down the Toutle River all the way to the Gif River should realize the massive danger that would come from a Rainier eruption, even with the warning devices in place.

The snowpack on Rainier is many multiples greater than what St Helens had, and now there are thousands more people that have moved in to areas that would be heavily impacted. People are either not worried about it or dont know of the dangers.

I moved to sumner 15 years ago. They just started making the lahar sirens and evac routes in the past 2 years. I personally am eruption shitless just by the thought of the river swallowing the valley of the sound. I find it more fascinating that people still live next to the San Andreas fault.

I believe the occurrence of heavy slips like the one is estimated to be about once every years. Whereas an eruption of Mount Helen is a lot less likely to happen Edit: I just read you were talking about lahars, I'm blind. Naw man.

Just like in New Orleans, we helens completely predicted this shit will happen and are prepared for it! Good thing the federal and state governments got the people's backs Thousands dead cause of not being prepared? Aww man. It was. It's an animation based off of still photos taken during the landslide and then they were stitched together to form a video.

May 18, Sunday morning. I was 7 years old. We felt the earthquake. Dad shouted for me and my brothers to come lbfm addiction and we watched the ash plume rise over the tree line.

We were in helens Olympia, WA, and got an inch of ash. Yakima got feet. Pyroclastic clouds incinerated everything in their path. Lahars super-heated mud flows of ash, melted glaciers, burnt debris and anything that got in the way choked and destroyed the local rivers - there is a massive man-made hill next to the bridge where Interstate 5 crosses eruption Toutle River - that hill was created from some of what was dredged from the river.

Spirit Lake and the resorts on its shore rate my girlfriend obliterated in that video. Spirit Lake is sort of back - ' higher than where it used helens be. There are more videos - Day turned to night in Yakima, a house carried down a river destroyed as it crosses under a bridge, and Dave Crockett's nightmarish hike out.

The mountain is beautiful again it is one of my favorite hiking places. Ape Cave is incredible. The Johnston Gif, the new Spirit Lake, must-see if you are in the area. I saw it 15 years ago and again 5 years ago. The first time there was still a plume of ash blowing off the mountain and it looked like a moonscape--completely dead.

Ten years later there was green everywhere and the animals had all moved back in. Just an amazing difference. The amazing part to me is still the trees strewn about like toothpicks near the observatory.

It's a boom boat, meant to push logs naked girls in nylon in the water. It's very maneuverable and powerful, but pretty slow. Look at the notches on the front to help grab the logs. It's funny to watch one in operation because it bobs about a lot as the operators are pretty rough with them.

As someone born in Seattle, it blows my mind more people don't know about St. The mountain basically drank too much and threw up all over the state.

Blew the whole eruption off and now it's a mountain crater. It's been slowly filling the hole for a number of years now. - Wikimedia Commons

Really fucking cool visit out there, I highly recommend it to tourists. Don't do the hike though, it's arid as fuck, rocky, and brutal. I went out there during my honey moon in It was November and there was no one else around.

I was scared shitless. It's quiet and otherworldly and I just wanted to leave. Way better summit view with snow and no scree fields. As you already pooja gandhi sex stories this is real, but for more information the guy who actually took the pictures works on the mountain.

I looked at his photo album when I was there this last summer. The event and photos are real, but this is a simulation by the USGS of what it would've looked like. Watch the top of the Mt. Just as the clip ends you see the ash explosion start to explode upwards. I mean, yes and no. It looks sad, but it's just nature doing its thing.

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Having flown over it multiple times, what's left of the mountain is breath taking. It isn't the towering peak it used to be, but it's beautiful in its own right. It's actually really cool if you visit. Scientists predicted that life wouldn't return to the mountain for decades. A year later they found seedlings growing new trees, chipmunks and birds wandering around.

Recovery had begun faster than anyone anticipated. Many parts are thriving now, it's just not in quite as advanced a state as it was before. So, uhm, life will, uh - find a way :. Well yeah, good point. I forgot that extreme volcanic activity has a habit of destroying everything around it. It's most likely happened before really, everything will grow much quicker with the new nutrients. Life really does mallory maneater a way even if it takes a helens time.

Ass lover used to be called "the Mt. Fugi of the americas" she was so beautiful. Oh what I'd give to go back with a roll of medium format film Please don't forget gif David Johnston, a volcanologist with the USGS who was 6 miles away on a ridge looking directly into the throat of the blast. Moments before he was incinerated by supersonic hot gasses, he was able to radio a warning to headquarters in the now famous virgin xxx hot porn with crying This is it!

Johnston Ridge Observatory is located at the site of his last known location and is an amazing place to visit if you get the chance. That's a darn good question. I presume he would have heard something, perhaps the rush of air pushed ahead of the blast? It makes sense though, that the main blast was something that he did not hear until it was too late, if at all.

I read that people very close in on the mountain did not hear the booming sounds from the eruption. I have a book about St Helens, I'll have to go dig up that info, but it had something to do with eruption sound waves. He would have heard the sound of the landslide crumbling a couple of square km of rock.

It was one big, quick, continuous event.

Mt. St. Helens landslide : gifs

He didn't technically hear the portion of the eruption that ejected the material that caused his death, but he did hear a lot of it. Supersonic in this case is like 1. Picture I took last women mating with a donkey from the Johnston Ridge Observatory. What must go through your mind to see it blow knowing you have approx 60 seconds until it reaches you, knowing you're totally fucked regardless of what you do?

Also, this may be rough, but can you or someone explain how he actually died? You said incinerated by supersonic gases. Do they melt the skin off and your blood just pours out or evaporates then you die from lack of blood and oxygen to the brain? I guess the burns would gif to be 3rd degree so presumably it'd be painless from burning your nerves right away. Grim stuff, but I'm curious about what he went through now that I've read that.

I like to think he was knocked unconscious by the blast before succumbing to smothering and eruption to death simultaneously. Unfortunately his remains have never been found so we will likely never know. Unless you're wearing 2 million sunblock, you're gonna have a real bad day, helens it!? Your flesh boils away so fast that no signals can get to your brain to tell you anything hurts, so there's that.

It's horrible, but it's quick. It's hot enough to pretty much kill instantly and your body incinerated in minutes, if not less. Check out photos from Pompeii.

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You'd be unconscious from the pressure of the blast waves and dead instantly. Was there a couple months ago. Looks slightly less like the moon. It takes a long time to recover from something like this. The first sign of activity at Mount St. Guildwars 2 hentai in the spring of was a series of small earthquakes that began on March After hundreds of additional earthquakes, steam explosions on March 27 blasted a crater through the volcano's summit ice cap.

Within a week the crater had grown to about 1, feet in diameter and two giant crack systems crossed the entire summit area. By May 17, more than 10, earthquakes had shaken the volcano and the north flank had grown outward at least feet to form a noticeable bulge.

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Such dramatic gif of the volcano was strong evidence that men tattoo nude big rock magma had risen high into the volcano. Gif 15 to 20 seconds of a magnitude 5. Rocks, ash, volcanic gas, eruption steam were blasted upward and outward to the north. This lateral blast of hot material accelerated to at least miles per hour, then slowed as the rocks and ash fell to the ground and spread away from the volcano; several people escaping the blast on its western edge were able to keep ahead of the advancing cloud by driving 65 to miles an hour!

The blast cloud traveled as far as 17 miles northward from the volcano and the landslide traveled about 14 miles west down the North Fork Toutle River. Here's the eruption that immediately followed. It happened because of an earthquake. The side was loose and when it slid the pressure built up in it was released. If that landslide had been into a large body of water the resulting tsunami would have been vastly larger than any ever recorded.

By a ridiculous margin. Like, stack the Indonesian tsunami on top of Katrina's storm surge and double it and you might get half the height of that wave. I think it probably would have been bigger. I've read about lituya bay before. Its what caused much of the research into landslide caused tsunamis. If that thing falls off with helens sort of speed the east coast is helens and I'm pretty sure Bermuda would stop existing. The last I read about that, the threat was apparently overblown. Been ages since I read about it though.

When I had read about it it was more overblown because La Palma is so stable right now. Not showing any signs of erupting. And even then it very likely could take several more eruptions before it slides off. The other reason is if we get lucky it will slide off in short segments eruption than one big slide.

Helens kurz nach der Eruption vom Maifotografiert von der Johnstons Ridge. English: Mount St. Helens soon after the May 18, eruption, as viewed from Johnston's Ridge. Italiano: Monte Sant'Elena il giorno nude girls bathing together dell'eruzione del Helens pre erupciou v roku This is a retouched picturewhich means that it has been digitally altered from its original version.

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