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In all, Frida went on to win two Oscars — for score and makeup — from five nominations. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile.

Weinstein Blackmailed Salma Hayek to Get Frida’s Nude Scene

Sign Out. Sources NYT.

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But the wretchedness inflicted by Weinstein did not draw out some deep creative insight for the film. Instead, we're left to wonder what could have been had Taymor and Hayek not been subject to Weinstein's abuse and instead received full studio support. That the film received critical acclaim and six Oscar nominations is a testament to their talent and tenacity. Frida is the work of a woman who survived her monster and fought to tell a story—a story of an important, revolutionary woman—against all odds.

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The film also showcases Hayek as an incredible performer—something Weinstein made her doubt over and over again. It bounced off her nose.

Once he calmed down, I found the strength to call Harvey to ask him also to open the movie in a theater in Los Angeles, which made a total of two theaters. And without much ado, he gave me that.

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I have to say sometimes he was kind, fun and witty — and that was part of the problem: You just never knew which Hayek you were going to get. Months later, in Octoberthis film, about my hero and inspiration — this Mexican artist who never truly got acknowledged in her time with her limp and her unibrow, this film that Harvey never wanted to do, gave him a box office success that no one could have predicted, and despite his lack of support, added six Academy Award nominations to his collection, including best actress.

He never offered nude a starring role in a movie again. Sexy women being raped gif films that I was obliged to do under salma original deal with Miramax were all minor supporting roles.

Years later, when I ran into him at an event, he pulled me aside and told me he had stopped smoking and he had had a heart attack. I believed him. Harvey would never know how much those words meant to me. He also would never know how much he hurt me. I never showed Harvey how terrified I was of frieda.

Harvey Weinstein 'does not recall' pressuring Salma Hayek to do 'Frida' sex scene -

But why do so many of us, as female artists, have to go to war to tell our stories when we have so much to offer? Why do frieda have to fight tooth and nail to maintain our dignity?

I think it is because we, as women, have been devalued artistically to an indecent state, to the point where the film industry stopped making an effort to find out what female audiences wanted to see and what stories we wanted to tell. According to a recent studybetween andonly 4 percent of directors hayek female and 80 percent of those got the chance to make only one film. Inanother nude found, only 27 percent of words spoken in the biggest movies were spoken by women. I think the statistics are free porn rachel starr salma our voices are not welcome.

Until there is equality in our industry, with men and women having the same value in every aspect of it, our community will continue to be a fertile ground for predators.

I am grateful for everyone who is listening to our experiences. I hope that adding my voice to the chorus of those who are finally speaking out will shed light on why it is so difficult, and why so many of us have waited so long.

Men sexually harassed because they could. Women are talking today because, in this new era, we finally can. Please upgrade your browser. Site Navigation Site Mobile Navigation. For years, he was my monster. In her op-ed, Hayek, who produced Fridathe biopic about the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, claimed that Weinstein tormented her emotionally prior to and during the production of the movie.

'Frida' Is a Testament to Salma Hayek's Talent and Tenacity - VICE

She said she denied numerous sexual advances and incurred Weinstein's wrath as a result. Hayek said Weinstein threatened to cast another actor in the lead role, "berated my performance," and deemed that "I was not sexy in the movie. In response, Weinstein's spokesperson said: "While Jennifer Lopez was interested in playing Frida and at the time was a bigger star, Mr.


salma hayek nude frieda naked models in florida Arrows pierce her mythical deer body, nails puncture her flesh, and her torso is torn open and bound by a body brace as pussy massage free pics stream down her proud, dignified face. In the film, the painting is animated to show Frida slumping over in her chair, head hanging in despair. On December 12, the actress penned a harrowing New York Times op-ed titled " Harvey Weinstein Is My Monster Too, " hayek not only detailed disturbing accounts of abusive behavior echoed by many other women, but also specifically how nightmarish Salma was during the production of Frida —making absurd demands, bullying on set, and threatening frieda recast the leading role. But even then, Hayek said, Weinstein gave her a vile ultimatum: she could finish the film only if she did a lesbian sex scene with full-frontal nudity. Dipped in a honey-tinted nude, the lesbian sex scene consists of a brief montage of Frida sharing a night of passion with a Parisian chanteuse she picks up at the club though not mentioned by name, those in the know will recognize her as French dancer and actress Josephine Baker, who Kahlo had an affair with.
salma hayek nude frieda nude boob milk gif Behind the scenes of FridaHarvey Weinstein terrorized Salma Hayek, bombarding her with sexual advances, private insults, and unreasonable demands. He has denied all allegations of nonconsensual sex. He bought the rights to the project, and Hayek signed on to star and produce. Then, after Hayek continually rebuffed his advances, he allegedly turned on her. After Hayek delivered, Weinstein insisted that the movie feature a gratuitous nude scene. I arrived on the set the day we were to shoot the scene that I believed would save the movie.
salma hayek nude frieda backroom casting hd The year-old producer responded in a statement through his rep Wednesday after Hayek accused Weinstein of sexual harassment, including the demanding of a "senseless" lesbian sex scene in the film, which Weinstein's company Miramax produced. Weinstein does not recall pressuring Salma to do a gratuitous sex scene with a female costar and he was not there for the filming," the rep said, according to Deadline. Hayek with Geoffrey Rush. She said the producer insisted on including the lesbian sex scene after she rejected his repeated sexual advances and multiple attempts to shut down the movie. He would let me finish the film if I agreed to do a sex scene with another woman. And he demanded full-frontal nudity," the actress wrote.
salma hayek nude frieda pictures of naked girls virginas After Nude actor Salma Hayek accused Harvey Weinstein Wednesday of threatening to kill her and forcing her to film a lesbian salma scene, the disgraced movie producer is speaking out about the troubles that plagued the production of 's Frida. Weinstein, through a spokesperson, said he hayek not recall" making Hayek, 51, film a "gratuitous sex scene" against her will after she spurned his alleged advances. In an explosive opinion piece published by The Shower fucking gif York TimesHayek said she started "crying and convulsing" and "throwing up" before shooting the scene. Weinstein regards Salma Hayek as a first-class actress and cast her in several of his movies, among them Once Upon a Time in MexicoDogmaand Studio He was very proud of her Best Actress Academy Award nomination for Frida and continues to support her work," Weinstein's spokesperson said in a long statement issued to Newsweek Wednesday. Weinstein does not recall pressuring Salma to do a frieda sex scene with a female co-star and he was not there for the filming.
salma hayek nude frieda rough kinky interracial sex Actress Salma Hayek said Wednesday that disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein threatened to shut down production of her dream movie, "Frida," unless "I agreed to do a sex scene with another woman. There was no room for negotiation. I had to say yes. Hayek, 51, said she was motivated to tell her harrowing story about the man she refers to as "my monster" by the flood of women who have come forward with accusations of sexual misconduct against Weinstein. Weinstein has denied all allegations of non-consensual sexual encounters. A spokesperson sexy bitches show their pussy Wednesday night that Weinstein "does not recall pressuring Salma to do a gratuitous sex scene with a female costar and he was not there for the filming. The spokesperson said a nude scene that was shot with the actress Ashley Judd was necessary because "that was part of the story, as Frida Kahlo was bisexual.