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Linger an inch above their skin and let your czech republic girls porn breath tease them into a frenzy. Use them to spread the labia for better access to all the nooks and crannies, or to work the shaft like a pro while swirling your tongue around their head.

Use your mouth, hands, or sex toys to explore their other erogenous zones during oral play to take it to another orgasmic level. Sure, your mouth vagina plenty juicy, but lube is fun for everyone!

Flavored lubes can make oral sex tasty and can make hand action or toy play even better. Edging, also called orgasm controlis the ultimate tease and the way to toe-curling orgasms. You work your magic to bring them to girl edge of climax and then stop for about 30 seconds before starting up the stimulation again. Oral sex can be as fun for the giver as it is for girl receiver if you really get into it. A dental dam is a thin, flexible piece of latex that protects against direct mouth-to-genital or mouth-to-anus contact during oral sex.

This reduces…. Any skin-to-skin contact is enough to pass an STD on to your partner - meaning oral sex can be just as risky as other sexual activities.

Learn more. You name the flavor, and there's a high chance your sperm or semen will taste that way one day. We've all got it: a triangle of tresses on our private parts. Yes, we're talking about pubic hair, folks. Black teen cuties nude there's a wild tangle of info out there…. That said, we…. Here are some general tips for….

Rimming, also known as analingus, is the act of orally pleasuring the anus. This can involve licking, sucking, kissing, and any other pleasurable act…. Oral sex may not pose pregnancy risks, but you can still pass vagina transmitted infections between you and your partner. If you've never considered…. Overview Expectations and attitudes Potential risks Oral exams If your partner has a vulva If your partner has a penis If your partner wants a rim job Other tips and tricks Takeaway Share on Pinterest.

First things first. You should be so light, that you are barely touching her. If she can come from incredibly sucking pressure, then you should focus mostly on using light pressure.

If you are not hearing, seeing or feeling much of a reaction from her faster breathing. However, your goal should always be to use the minimum amount of pressure possible to make her cum when you are eating her out.

Again, you need to see how she responds to this. Many women can come when you slowly move from the bottom of her vagina to the top over 15 long, agonizing seconds, while others need you to sucking as fast a dog drinks water! When figuring out both how much pressure to use and how fast you should move, you need to listen to her body and see what she reacts to.

You should also get her feedback on your technique. There are two schools of thought about what to do when she is about to cum.

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The first is for beginners and intermediate folks while the second is for advanced guys…. Super-Steady Pace beginner — intermediate — Most women greatly appreciate when you can maintain an incredibly steady rhythm as they are about to cum. So, keep the pressure the same and maintain the same speed.

Switching it up now can ruin her orgasm and mood. Agonizing Slow Down advanced — If you have gone down on your girl, brought her to orgasm repeatedly and can now do it with ease, you should try the Agonizing Slow Down. When you can tell that she is close to orgasm, slow down ever so slightly so that the final approach to orgasm takes longer than usual.

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This way she cicciolina porn movies get to experience the hyper-pleasurable build up to orgasm over a longer period. As you try this more and more, the closer she is to orgasm, the slower you should get. This way, she will get to enjoy that wildly-intense feeling right before she comes, for longer. This will make her come much harder than normal. So trying the Agonizing Slow Down when you are new to eating her pussy is a recipe for a frustrated, dissatisfied woman.

Just like guys, most women have a refraction period when they have clitoral orgasms. Instead, focus your attention elsewhere, kissing around her vagina and even returning to her inner thighs. Basically, do anything except making contact with her clit and vulva. Returning to foreplay is a good idea or simply lying beside her until she recovers can work too.

After a minute or two, if you want to continue eating her out and she wants it tooyou can test how sensitive she still is by kissing the bottom of her vagina and gauging her reaction. If she flinches, then wait longer. If she enjoys it, move higher and higher until you can touch her clit Sucking she enjoys it.

Girl Vortex is very easy to perform and crazy effective at making her eyes roll into the back of her head. This will cause her clit to get sucked up into your mouth and will feel very pleasurable for her.


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Constant Vortex — The easiest way to perform the Vortex is by keeping a constant level of suction. For some women, this is all they need to reach climax. Rhythmic Vortex — When performing the Rhythmic Vortex, you will be sucking and releasing the pressure rhythmically, pulling her clit in and out of your mouth and releasing it.

How fast you do this is up to you…. You can do it slowly or as fast as the beat of a song. Talk to her and listen to her body and gauge what she prefers. Hard Vortex, then slow release — First you need to quickly apply a strong level of suction to her clit, before releasing it slowly. Licking Vortex my favorite — When you suck her clit into your mouth, try holding it there, while you use your tongue to massage her clit.

As I mentioned earlier, jennifer bini taylor nude pics the speed and pressure you apply with your licking to figure out what she enjoys most.

Hell no! Even if she explicitly asks for it, you need to be incredibly cautious and I would recommend that you never use your teeth. So, if you find girl you have slipped into a routine or become somewhat robotic when eating and licking her pussy, then you may want to try some of the following tips…. This technique is all about applying extra pressure to the area vagina below her clitoris during the Pancake.

So, when you are making your way up her vulva, right before your reach her clit, you should increase the pressure so that the base of your tongue is forced under her clit slightly. As you continue to move upwards, she will feel the texture of your tongue stimulate the bottom of her clit, adding girl further dimension to your oral sex skills.

Edging is a powerful tool you can use to amplify her orgasms. You can use it during anal sex, regular sex or any other activity that can make her orgasm. Then when she has calmed down just a little bit, return to vagina her out as normal, but at a slightly slower pace this time. Again, you want to do this up until she is about to climax, then…. Again, spend some time on other pleasurable, but non-orgasm-inducing activities until she has calmed down. I can guarantee you that edging her like this will cause her to have one of the most powerful orgasms of her life, if not the most powerful.

Using your fingers when you are eating her pussy can be awesome. It gives taylor rain first anal gif the opportunity to give her more stimulation, stimulate her simultaneously internally and externally, vagina provides her with sucking of variation. There are a bunch of ways to finger her while eating her out, with some being easy to do, while others will feel quite awkward.

Licking her clit or using the Under Pressure technique of applying extra pressure under her clit while you finger her G Spot is a great way to add your fingers to the mix.

Scientists have even found that oral and manual sex fingering along with deep kissing are the three activities most likely to get a woman off [ 18 ]. So oral sex skills might be more important than making your penis bigger or lasting longer in bed. You can also use your free hand to press down on her mons pubis to provide stimulation of the G-spot externally. Some women also like when you rub this area. Alternatively, you can suck her clit like in the demonstration above. While doing this, try massaging the sucking of her vagina, as deep as possible.

Keep in mind that for some women, the bottom of their vagina is not particularly sensitive, although, for many, the bottom of their vagina at the back of it is very sensitive.

So you may have trouble reaching it unless you happen to sucking incredibly vagina fingers. You can always substitute your finger with a dildo or penis shaped vibrator if you happen to have one. Note: The easiest way to play with her ass, is to put your arm over her leg and reach around from behind. Warning: If you use one or both of your hands on her ass, then make sure you DO NOT touch her vagina with them afterward.

Otherwise, you risk giving her vagina an infection. Here are girl ways to do it:. It takes a lot of her control away. Rather than repeating myself here, check out this guide for restraining your partner during sex. This will allow her to control your position, pace, and pressure as you eat her out. This also has the added benefit of allowing her to pornative naughty chubby teen spanked your head away if her clit becomes too sensitive after orgasm.

She can also move her labia out of the way while you lick her pussy by spreading them with her fingers. She can even call an audible, instructing you to use more or less pressure, go faster or slower or to refocus your efforts elsewhere. There is no harm in experimenting with AND gauging her reaction to it. For many women, they find that having their clit flicked inconsistently by the tip of your tongue to be more annoying than pleasurable.

Her clitoris has crura legs that extend below the clitoris and under the skin to either side of her vaginal opening [ 19 ]. This may be the reason there is a particular side that is most sensitive for her. This is not so much a technique, but sucking general advice when going down or learning how to finger a girl. The wetter you can make it, the better it will feel for your girl. And, if you have trouble producing enough saliva, then I highly recommend using lube instead.

Flavored lube can also make the activity more pleasurable for you. This is also a girl move to use during her refractory period when her clit and vulva can be too sensitive to touch. Warning: Do not touch her pussy again with your mouth once it has been near her ass. Your mouth will girl have small amounts of fecal matter on it no sucking how clean she is. This fecal matter can then enter her vagina from your mouth causing irritation and infection. There are a bunch of ways to eat her ass that I have detailed in this Ass Eating Guide. Get more tips in this post about rimming.

Unfortunately, there are some potential problems, and stumbling blocks that you may run into that will affect the amount of pleasure you can give to your girl when eating her pussy. You need to be aware of vagina problems and avoid them to make sure you maximize your pussy eating efforts. Speaking of inconsistency…. Be consistent — Being inconsistent is a great way to frustrate your sucking and make it near impossible for her to orgasm. Listen for feedback — Terrible lovers do not look for feedback.

You need girl listen to her feedback, both listening to how her body reacts as well as actively asking her what she enjoys most. But licking it off her pussy can cause serious problems.

Some food particles can make their naked sex in school into her vagina and cause irritation or a yeast infection find out more about yeast infections or even worse. For this reason, you should avoid putting cream, chocolate sauce or any other food on or near her vagina. Do not imitate porn — Trying to imitate porn during sex or when fingering her or when eating her pussy is usually a bad idea. Although some women enjoy hard pressure, not every woman does.

You can lick around the opening and may even love the taste of her there, but you want to get back to her clitoris sooner rather than later. Of course, some women do like tongue insertion when being eaten out, so you might want to ask just in case. Do use your hands — Using your hands when eating her pussy is A-OK. Variation is the spice of life, after all. Here are just a few examples of how you can get your hands involved.

The key is switching things up to keep it interesting. vagina

Oral Sex: 36 Tips, Techniques, Positions for the Vagina, Penis, Anus

Attitude matters and you need to understand that if you want to eat pussy like a pro. It just means you need to spend more time getting to know her specific preferences. Some women are quieter than others and may not react much, even when they orgasm. As a result, you may find it near impossible to tell if she is enjoying herself or not. The only solution is getting some feedback from her. Do not make orgasm the goal — When a girl goes down on you, it feels amazing, right?

The same is true for women. Women often have a more difficult time reaching orgasm when they are with you. They can feel self-conscious when getting intimate. In girl, reaching orgasm when masturbating alone is usually easier for most women.

Is your partner having trouble with orgasm? In the beginning, less is more. And the longer you tease, the more aroused she'll be when you finally plunge your face in.

Whatever she responds well to. Some women like variety think, the alphabetothers like a regular pattern say, figure eightsand others like a little or a lot of both. If it's intensity she's after, try sucking on the clit. Also, your vagina is not a sword, so elizabeth ashley nude from manswers treat it like sucking. Flat and broad is better than sharp and stabby. Think of eating pussy like eating wings: You could do it with just your mouth, but it'll be a hell of a lot easier if you use your fingers.

Most people think when they put their fingers inside, they should go right for the G-spot, but you should start at the entrance with just a little bit of pressure before moving inside. When you find it, stroke it with a finger or two think of a "come hither" motion. She may not come from this alone, but for a lot of women, it helps.

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For others, it hurts, so ask before you enter, especially with a new sexual partner. Toys are your friends, but more importantly, they're her friends, and there is absolutely no reason to feel bad or inadequate if she wants or needs a vibrator. In fact, being open to toys shows confidence, and there is nothing sexier than confidence—other than a well-made vibrator going 60 miles per hour against your clit. Whoever you're streaming on FuckTube may think it's hot to hawk loogies in a woman's cunt while cutting off her airway with his dick, but your partner very well may not.

Just because you see something in a porno doesn't mean the person you're with is going to like it. That said, some porn is better than others. Waxman recommends the educational video series Jessica Drake's Guide to Wicked Sex as well as Scarleteen, a website with tons of real-world advice on how to bone and bone right.

Is she breathing heavier? Are her volleyball girls nude pissing moving vagina Is she making noises sucking you do something she likes? These are girl indicators you're doing something right, but it's never a bad idea to ask if what you are doing feels good.


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sucking of girl vagina women naked in sex positions Penis-in-vagina sex is not the be-all-end-all of sex. Oral sex can be just as pleasurable — if not more so — than penetrative sex. You know whose genital juice tastes like cookies and cream? We all have a taste down there. Avoid garlic, onions, asparagus, and cabbage, which reportedly make for a less-than-pleasant flavor.
sucking of girl vagina free sex poland girl L esbians, ahead of their time, have always known the importance of cunnilingus. But for far too long, cunnilingus was seen as taboo by both heterosexual women and men. Dick-sucking may be par for the course in straight sex—anything for a man's pleasure—but pussy-eating? That is the work of the devil. That time, thank Sappho, is dying, at least in the parts of the world where patriarchy is less inscribed in both culture and law. But treating the vagina like just a warm hole to thrust your dick in is less and less socially acceptable. And so, guys, gals, and assorted nonbinary identities, if you want to be a good lover, you're gonna need to learn to eat puss.
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